2017 robo-advisor news updates from WSJ, CNET, MarketWatch and more.
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Top 2017 Robo-Advisor News from MarketWatch, CNET, WSJ & More

By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise 2017 begins as an eventful year in many industries, and the robo-advisor field is no different. As a whole, robo-advisors are still on the up, with more assets being invested than in years past. Robos continue to become more accessible, with specific robo-advisors being created for particular groups of investors, based on age, gender, income and more. The robo-advisor news is impacting not only individual investors but financial advisors as well. Top 5 Robo-Advisor News Articles The following five articles provide …

FinDEVr 2016 stand outs! 1787fp, WiseBanyan, Woo Trader, DriveWealth Drill downs
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FinDEVr 2016 Top Robo-Advisor and Investment Platforms

FinDEVr 2016 Stand Outs in the Fintech Arena Covering FinDEVr Silicon Valley is one of my favorite events. It gives me an opportunity to check out the latest Fintech players. Culled from the many presentations, these four stand outs are bringing new tools and apps to the robo-advisory, investment and wealth management field. The FinDEVr event is the sister event Finovate, another exciting fintech bash. DriveWealth – Invest on Your Own Terms DriveWealth was designed with the millennial investor in mind. On-the-go investors or investor hopefuls will enjoy …

Best site to buy stocks and research investment ideas.
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Best Site to Buy Stocks-Motif Investing

How I Use Motif Investing to Find Good Ways to Invest Money Guest contributor, Joseph Hogue, CFA Why is Motif Investing the Best Site to Buy Stocks? Motif Investing can help you save money investing but it is also one of my favorite tools for finding investing ideas. This website posted a review of Motif Investing a few months back, comparing it against robo-advisors and the DIY option in investing. It had some great points and got me thinking about how I was using Motif. …

Tax Smart Asset Location Investment Placement - Is Betterment's solution for you?
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Tax Smart Asset Location Investment Placement – Betterment Offers a Solution

How to Minimize Taxes With Asset Location Investors clamor for the highest returns possible within their risk comfort level. But what if there were another way to grow your returns, without added risk? That’s where investment asset location comes in. Asset location is considered a superb way to increase your overall investment returns without taking on additional risk. Asset location is a strategy to minimize your taxes on investment profits by putting investments with larger potential tax obligations in tax deferred accounts and those with smaller tax …

Are robo-advisors beyond the the Fiduciary Rule?, Massachusetts SEC thinks so!
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Robo-Advisors, Massachusetts and the Fiduciary Rule-A Peak into the Future?

Robo-Advisors Are the Wild West of Financial Advising Robo-advisors have taken the investment world by storm. Most of the Betterment, Motif, Personal Capital, Wealthfront, TradeKing Advisors and more have sprung up within the last 10 years. Promising to be an investment management panacea for the individual investor, these new platforms are sparking controversy among the regulators. The automated advisory robos’ claim to provide the average Jane and Joe with top notch investment portfolios, informed by modern theory along with low-fees. By cutting customer expenses and implementing …

Wealthfront's Path is Financial Planning for you.
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Wealthfront Review – Why Should I Use Wealthfront?

*Please read affiliate disclosure below. Everything You Need to Know About Wealthfront – 3 Part Series Part 1-Why Should I Use Wealthfront? Learn here about why you should use Wealthfront. Find out about the sign-up, costs, features of the Wealthfront robo-advisor platform so that you can decide whether this automated advisor is for you. Learn both the advantages and disadvantages of the popular Wealthfront robo-advisor. This Wealthfront review series gives the most comprehensive overview of the Wealthfront platform available, without actually signing up. Get the answer now to …

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Will a Trump Presidency Crash the Financial Markets?

Will Donald Trump Cause a Stock Market Crash? By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise   3 Viewpoints about Trump’s Potential Impact on the Economy and Whether a Trump Presidency Will Crash the Financial Markets After Republican candidate Donald Trump predicted a stock market crash, professionals across the field of finance chimed in on the discussion about whether or not Trump will cause a stock market crash himself, or if his predictions have any weight to them. We all have a lot to think about with this upcoming …

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Finovate 2016 – The Latest Robo News for Fintech – Part 2

Finovate showcases the up and comers of the fintech and robo advisory field. Out of the excellent presenters at Finovate 2016, several stood out as being particularly useful for the consumer. Today we’re profiling several unique offerings in the robo-advisory sphere and a new stock social media platform for stock traders. If you missed our coverage yesterday, be sure to visit Finovate 2016 Breaking News for the Latest Fintech Platforms here. Robo-Advisors for Franchises and P2P Lending LendingRobot As an investor and a financial writer, …

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Finovate 2016 – Breaking News for the Newest Fintech Platforms

Finovate Spring 2016 – Best New Innovations in Finance and Technology Welcome to live blogging from Finovate Spring 2016. Learn about the latest innovations for consumers and investors to make your life richer and easier. In an exciting 7 minute format, each of the presenting companies pitch their products. We’ll sample some of the newer fintech offerings targeted towards the consumer and investor. Following is an introduction to several of the investment and money related Finovate Spring 216 presenters: Automated Investing Showcase WorthFM “An all-digital …

Sample Motifs Including Dividend Aristocrats
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Robo-Advisor vs. DIY – Motif Is For All Investors

Disclosure: Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which means that – at zero cost to you – I might earn a commission if you sign up or buy through the affiliate link. That said, I never recommend anything I don’t personally believe is valuable. Motif May Be the Answer to Your Investing Prayers Are you a DIY investor, but want some structure to your investing? Are you deciding between going with a robo-advisor or DIY? Motif is definitely worth a look. Even if …