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If you are seeking low fee investment management, with a chance to save and invest for future goals, this robo-advisor selection wizard is for you.

The robo-advisor wizard will help you select the best robo-advisor.

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Here’s what a robo-advisor is, and how it can help you invest and build wealth.

A robo-advisor is a category of computerized financial advisors.

Robo-advisor money and financial managers create diversified investment portfolios influenced by sophisticated computer algorithms. The collections of investments are automated by the robo-advisor to fit specific investment criteria and are typically based on well-respected modern investment theory.

Robo-Advisor Selection Wizard

Robo-advisors aren’t all alike.

There is a wide range of robo-advisors.

Here are ways that robo-advisors differ:

  • Investment strategy
  • Types of available investments
  • Fees
  • Services
  • Access to investment advisors
  • Minimum required initial investment amount
  • Add-on services such as tax loss harvesting

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You’ll benefit from a robo-advisor if:

  • You want investment guidance for a low fee.
  • You lack time or interest in managing your finances, yet want to build wealth for the future.
  • You’re a sophisticated investor, who wants access to a financial professional, but seeks to minimize management fees.
  • You’re a DIY investor who wants part of your investments to be managed by a professional.

You’ll receive a robo-advisor recommendation in under one minute with the robo-advisor wizard.

To get the best robo-advisor for your situation, goals and needs, just answer four questions. Within a minute you’ll have a robo-advisor(s) that’s suitable for you. The results page includes direct links to a review page of your chosen robo-advisor and a link to the robo’s website.

Bonus: You also receive a free gift on the last page of the robo-advisor selection wizard.

(The robo-advisor wizard information is not guaranteed and robo-advisors’ features are subject to change.)

Robo-Advisor Selection Wizard.

A robo-advisor is a computerized financial advisor that creates your investment portfolio to fit your risk level and goals. Some robo-advisors offer human guidance. Robo-advisor fees are typically lower than those of financial advisors.

Answer four quick questions and get a robo-advisor recommendation that fits your preferences.

How much money do you want to invest?(Minimum investment amounts range from $0 to $100,000.):

Financial advisors are available at some robo-advisors and not at others. Choose your preferred level of financial advisory help. (All robo-advisors offer customer service help with the platform. ) Please check all that apply:

Robo-advisor management fees range from zero to 0.89% of assets under management (AUM). Frequently, higher fee robo-advisors offer greater services. Please check the maximum management fee that you're willing to pay:

Robo-advisors offer a range of features. Select those that are important to you. The more you check, the fewer robo-advisors will fit your criteria. You may check as many as you like:

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