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Best Robo-Advisor Returns YTD – June 2019

Best Robo-Advisor Performance this Year Investors love lists of the best robo-advisor returns and robo advisor performance data. If your robo receives a good robo advisor ranking then you’re happy because you believe that you made the “right” investment choice. In fact, many investors want to choose their robo-advisor, based upon the best robo-advisor returns. Yet, robo investing returns are only a snapshot in time of a long investing life. Actually, the winners and losers during a specific period don’t tell us which robo advisors …

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7 Best Robo-Advisors for Millennials

Why 20 to 30 Year Olds Should Invest With a Robo-Advisor NOW! By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise As much flack as they’re getting for their breakfast choices (avocado toast, anyone?), millennials are much better with money than they get credit for. In fact, millennials might need to be even more aware of where their money goes than previous generations. And that’s why investment companies are flooding the market with robo-advisors for millennials. We winnowed the growing list of digital investment apps to these 7 best robo-advisors …