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Fintech News – Robo-Advisor Updates, April 2019 – Social Media Missteps, Wealth Building + More

Robo-Advisor News – Betterment, Human Advisors, Wealth Building and Social Media Fintech trends are hitting the robo advisory industry. Robo-advisors, the new-ish fintech darlings are now in their second decade. And along with the growth comes hiccups, missteps and competitive market shake ups. The recent fintech news, spans various robo-advisor news, market shifts and missteps. Financial Technology News – Building Wealth with Robo-Advisors While robo-advisors—and, to be fair, human financial planners—have been very focused on wealth management over the years, one of our news sources …

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Robo Investment Advice: The Pros and Cons

Robo-advisors have been making headlines lately as a great substitute for traditional personal financial advisors. But is robo investment advice worth the hype? Find out the pros and cons of robo-advisors and learn if a digital investment advisor is right for you. As with any decision regarding your money, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of robo advice before investing with a digital advisor. In particular, you should consider how robo investment advice stacks up against a financial advisor and which works …

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Move Over Netflix, Here Comes the Schwab Robo-Advisor Subscription

I’ve had a love affair with Robo-advisors  for three years. I have accounts with roughly five and I’m poised to open several more in the upcoming months. I was elated, when I read that the Schwab robo-advisor subscription model launched. Robo-advisors or digital investment managers award innovation, better products, and lower fees for consumers. They’re a win for investors. Big secret – I’m so enamored with this investing platform that I started a this website, Robo-Advisor devoted to discussing and analyzing these fintech darlings.  …

Robo-Advisors with the Most AUM 2019
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Robo-advisors With the Most Assets Under Management -2019

Robo Advisors with the Most AUM in 2019 In the financial advisory world, assets under management, or AUM, is a key metric. Most advisors, both traditional and robo-advisors, earn their income as a percentage of AUM. The greater the amount of assets under management, the more income for the company. Experts estimate that robo-advisors could see their assets under management increase by over $800 billion over the next five years as they continue to plow investors’ money into electronically traded funds (ETFs) according to a …

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Robo-Advisor News – March 2019 – Wealthfront, FidelityGo, and the Wealthy

By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise This month is a positive one for robo-advisors. While there are always ebbs and flows in this fintech market, our news sources have focused on the ability of robo-advisors to adapt and grow in response to the needs of investors. Wealthfront in particular gets a lot of attention this month; the robo-advisor has added to its financial offerings, making it an even more solid choice for investors looking for a robo with a reasonable minimum investment amount and low fees. Robo-Advisors …

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February 2019 Robo-Advisor News – Wealthfront, Bonds + More

This month brought with it a variety of robo-advisor news. From new offerings for UAE residents to reminders about how successful diverse portfolios can be, February brought a lot of updates to the robo-advisor world. Overall, robo-advisors are still going strong; they are adapting to meet growing and changing investment needs and are maintaining their performance despite a volatile marketplace. However, robo-advisors must be careful. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is ensuring that robo-advisors stay true to advertising and disclosure guidelines in order to …

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Best Robo-Advisor Performance 2019 – Plus

Robo-Advisor Performance As a multi-decade investor I know the pull of high investment returns. It’s wonderful to imagine that a fund’s 20% one-year returns will continue into the future. Many investors make that assumption and jump in to the funds with top returns. Robo-advisor performance records allow you to find out who those winners are! But, just because you can – choose a robo-advisor with the highest returns – doesn’t mean that you should. There’s no guarantee that the winning robo-advisor, investment manager or exchange …

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Top 12 Robo-Advisor Posts from 2018 – Here’s What the Readers Liked Best

Last year exploded with robo-advisor news. With Hedgeable’s close to retail customers and Betterment’s a la carte financial planning packages, there’s abundant change in this fintech arena. M1 Finance is now FREE and loads of robo-advisors began offering socially responsible portfolios. Wealthsimple blew in to the US market with a splash, offering financial advisors, halal portfolios and more. We are dizzy here at Robo-Advisor Pros trying to keep up with the new robo-advisor websites, the changes at the existing sites, and covering the latest robo …

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January 2019 Robo-Advisor News

January Robo-Advisor News – More Choices for 2019 By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise While 2018 was an exciting time for robo-advisor news, the new year brings with it the chance to look forward at new opportunities. The fields of robo-advisors and investing are no exception to this! If your new year’s resolution is to grow your wealth or finally try taking advantage of all that robo-advisors have to offer, you’re in luck: 2019 promises to be even better in terms of robo-advisor options. Our robo-advisor news …

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Robo-Advisor News December 2018 – Robo-Advisor Wizard Launches!

The Robo-Advisor Selection Wizard is Here By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise After months of feedback, tweaks and edits the robo-advisor wizard is live! Click to get immediate access to this amazing Robo-Advisor Selection Wizard. In under one minute, after answering four quick questions, you’ll get a list of the best robo-advisors for you. This one-of-a kind robo-advisor tool makes choosing a robo-advisor seamless. Plus, there’s a bonus offer at the end! Robo-Advisor News on Goldman Sachs! Goldman Sachs is hitting the top of our news list …