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Robo-Advisor Summer News 2019 – Swell and Qplum say Good Bye

The Robo-Advisor Competition Lost Two More Niche Players Since the close of Hedgeable last summer, new robo-advisors have launched. But, gaining customers and competing against legacy platforms like Betterment and Personal Capital is another matter. This summer, active investing hedge-fund robo-advisor Qplum closed it’s doors. It’s founders, idealists Mansi Singhal and Guarav Chakravorty, wanted to open the doors of hedge fund investing to the masses. Their platform was built on years of success in high level financial circles. Unfortunately, their goal was halted, like many …

Swell Investing App Robo-Advisor Review
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Swell Investing App Review 2019 – for the Socially Conscious Investor

Robo-Advisor for the Socially Conscious Investor – Swell Investing App By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise Update: The Swell Invest robo-advisor has closed it’s doors. “Our journey began as a mission that every dollar you invest would have a positive impact on the world. Together, we built a product that allows you to invest in companies innovating to solve global challenges. ‍ While we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished together, Swell was not able to achieve the scale needed to sustain operations in the current market. …