Robo-Advisor Basics – My Interview on Radio CEO Money Show

robo advisor basics - radio interview

The Robo-Advisor Basics – Q & A With Michael Yorba of CEO Money

Michal Yorba, of CEO money recently contacted me to discuss robo-advisor basics on his show. In this quick interview we talk about robo-advisor basics and the fintech landscape. Here’s what you’ll learn by listening to this brief interview.

Find out about robo-advisors:

What is digital investing?

What do robo-advisors do?

How are humans involved in the robo-advisor process?

What about losses, how do you handle them?

Is there market timing in robo-advisors?

How do robo-advisors perform?

What is the state of fintech and investing today?

What are hybrid robo-advisors?

Who is the appropriate investor for a robo-advisor?

Click below to listen to the robo-advisor basics interview:

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This interview originally aired on CEO Money radio radio.

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