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Robo-Advisor with Financial Planner-Betterment Adds Human Advice

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Betterment Robo-Advisor Adds Human Financial Planners for Those Seeking a Personal Touch

If you like the idea of a tax efficient and automated investment manager, but want access to a human financial planner for more complex money questions, Betterment rolled out several new services. The new Betterment program  is ideal for those with more complex financial situations seeking personalized human guidance. Betterment joins Personal Capital and Schwab Intelligent Investors as a robo-advisor with a financial planner.

Betterment robo-advisor with financial planner. Better fee structure too.

The original Betterment digital program remains, with a new fee cap. Here’s a refresher on the basic Betterment Digital investment management platform:

Betterment Digital

  • Goal-based, diversified investment manager designed for the best returns at every risk level.
  • Automatic rebalancing.
  • Tax-loss harvesting.
  • Synch outside accounts with your Betterment account.
  • Low 0.25% AUM fee, capped at $2,000,000 account value.
  • Zero minimum balance required.
  • Proprietary RetireGuide planning tool.
  • Tax-loss harvesting, integrated with spouses accounts.
  • Opportunity to choose socially responsible, smart beta and income portfolios.
  • In-app texting with financial advisor (responses within a day).

If you want unlimited access to a Certified Financial Planner, Betterment Premium might be for you. It’s just right if you’re seeking a robo-advisor with a financial planner.

Betterment Premium

For those with greater financial planning needs and a minimum account worth $100,000 you might consider the Betterment Premium plan.

Betterment premium includes all of the Betterment Digital services and more. This service gives you unlimited access to a team of licensed CFP® professionals. These financial experts monitor your accounts and give year round advice and financial planning. The fee for the Betterment Premium tier is 0.40% of AUM. Fees are capped at $2,000,000.

Betterment Premium can help with all major life events that impact your wallet:

  • Marriage
  • Having a child
  • Receiving company stock options
  • Retirement
  • and More

Betterment Advisor Network

If you have an extremely complex financial situation, the Betterment Advisor Network will partner you with just the right financial advisor. This CFP® is a fully vetted, dedicated independent financial advisor. The fees for this individualized service depend upon the specific advisory partner. You can contact Betterment for more details on this service.

Betterment is so confident that you’ll appreciate their services that they offer a Satisfaction guarantee – a 90-day fee remittance if you’re dissatisfied.

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Betterment For Advisors Network – Automated Portfolio Management for Financial Planners

If you’re a financial advisor, seeking a dedicated robo-advisor for your practice, you might check out the Betterment for Advisors. Betterment handles the back-office and investing responsibilities, while you manage your client’s questions.

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Updated October, 2017

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Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS

Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS

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