Maria Nedeva, PhD

Professor Maria Nedeva, MSc, PhD, is a business school professor and the creator of The Money Principle: a personal finance website where she teaches people in money trouble how to build sustainable wealth. Maria Nedeva also teaches undergrad, Masters, and Doctoral students about creativity, innovation and science dynamics. She has published in top scientific journals, including Science. Ten years ago, Maria became fascinated by personal finance. She’s been writing about making money, investing, money management, and paying off debt on The Money Principle and other personal finance sites. Maria believes that good investing is like timeless fashion – it is simple, understated, and makes you feel good. This explains her interest in robo-advisors and the use of technology to manage our money. Follow the Maria and the Money Principle on twitter.

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6 Best Robo-Advisors For High Net Worth Investors

The best robo advisors for wealthy and high net worth invest investors will provide personalized advice, guidance with your financial and life goals, and manage your money. Each of these digital and hybrid advisors with financial planners offer strong, diversified investment portfolios. You’ll get strategy and customization options with a few. Cash management and lending are also available.

Is Personal Capital Safe?

Is Personal Capital Safe To Use? Personal Capital Security Review

How Safe is the Personal Capital Website? Do you have a Personal Capital account or are you considering using their free money and investing tools? Before synching up with Personal Capital or any financial website, you are wise to investigate the safety of the platform. This article will demonstrate why Personal Capital is safe – …

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Personal Capital Cash Review

Personal Capital Cash Review – High Yield Cash Account

Free Personal Capital Savings Account This Personal Capital Cash management review quickly outlines the main features of the Personal Capital savings account and compares these to the offerings of other savings and cash account providers. This review’s verdict is that the Personal Capital Cash account may be a good match for people looking to grow …

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