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In thumbing through our social media channels, here is a list of the most shared content for the last few months. Learn about investing with robots plus humans, whether you can invest in bitcoin with a robo-advisor, if women need their own robo-advisor and how Noble Laureate Richard Thaler impacted Betterment. Finally, find out which robo-advisors had the best returns!

Fintech is a huge trend going forward. See if you can benefit from any of the new investment management platforms.


6 Robo Advisors with Human Advisors-The Best of Both Investment Worlds
These robo-advisors with human advisors are great for the investor who wants a low fee digital advisor with access to human financial advisors. Many investors aren’t comfortable with a completely digital investment management solution. If that’s you, here are six digital investment advisors with financial planners.


Richard Thaler Influences Robo Advisors With Behavioral Economics
Richard Thaler put behavioral economics on the map + showed how automating investing leads to greater wealth. Betterment + other robo advisers are in his debt.


Should I Invest With A Robo-Advisor Or DIY? | Seeking Alpha
Consider your time and investing expertise before deciding whether to DIY or go robo. For larger portfolios, DIY investing can be cumbersome. Robo-advisors can


While fending off inroads by robo-advisors like Ellevest, human financial advisors are creating new ways to reach women and the trillions of dollars they control.


When Will I Be Able to Invest in Bitcoin With a Robo-Advisor? | InvestorPlace
Just because you can invest in bitcoin, doesn’t mean you should. No one knows the future price of cryptocurrencies.


October 2017 Robo-Advisor News + Betterment Has Free Offers - Robo-Advisor Pros
Betterment Launches Free Management Fee Promo + Free Investment Review Choosing the right investment manager is tough. Betterment is making it easier. Betterment continues to entice and innovate. Betterment Free Investment Review Betterment’s free investment review can help you assess your current investment approach. Here’s how the Betterment investment review can help you: Betterment asks you a series of questions related to your finances. Next, you receive an analysis of your investments that covers four topic areas: investment accounts, tax savings, fees risk exposure This …


6 Best Portfolio Management Software Tools for All Investors
The best investment portfolio management software is one that meets your needs. From free to low-fee, there’s a tool here to track your investments.


Ellevest Robo-Advisor Review - Expert Analysis, Not For Women Only
Ellevest robo-advisor review gets into the details of this robo-advisor for women. New lower fees! Plus access to financial advisors! Goals based, with on target projections. Get the pros, cons + funds list.


Ultimate Robo-Advisor Comparison Chart
Review comprehensive analysis in robo-advisor comparison chart. Compare 12 robo-advisors; fees, features, minimums, financial advisor access & more.


List of Robo-Advisors 2017 - Best 28 Fintech Investment Managers
This list of robo-advisors includes the top 28 digital investment managers. Get an overview of this fintech sphere+ find the best investment manager for you


Impact Investing Robo-Advisors; Save the World + Make Money
Impact investing robo-advisors can help the world. Socially conscious investing or socially responsible investing are the solution to do good + make money.

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