TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios Target the Wealthy

Td Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios dashboard

TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios Strive for Perfection

On the heels of Essential and Selective robo-advisory portfolios, TD Ameritrade launches Personalized Portfolios, for wealthier clients.

Answering the call for greater human touch and more investment options than the typical digital wealth management robo-advisor, TD Ameritrade’s Personalized Portfolios seeks perfection. Just short of an independent financial advisor, TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios targets wealthier clientele than the typical robo-advisor, with a promise of greater services.

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TD Ameritrade Includes a Gamut of Digital Robo-Advisory Options

In an attempt to meet all client needs, TD Ameritrade offers three digital, robo-advisor choices.

The basic TD Ameritrade Essential Portfolios Robo-advisor provides five goal-oriented ETF portfolios for a competitive 0.30% management fee and a $5,000 investment minimum or a $500 minimum with automatic deposit set up. And, you can chat with a financial consultant online or inhouse.

Next, the TD Ameritrade Selective Portfolios Robo-advisor offers more goal-oriented portfolios comprised of ETFs and mutual funds targeting a variety of risk preferences. This level requires a minimum of $25,000 with fees that vary by portfolio and investment amount. Like Essential Portfolios, you can talk with a financial consultant online or inhouse.

The new Personalized Portfolios gives you goal planning, a professionally managed portfolio tailored to your individual finances, a dedicated financial consultant, tax loss harvesting and more.  Your investment recommendations are made in conjunction with your dedicated financial consultant and Morningstar Investment Management professionals. With a $250,000 minimum, this option is competitive with Personal Capital and charges a 0.90% (or less, depending on portfolio) management fee. Although, unlike TD Ameritrade, all the Personal Capital advisors are licensed Certified Financial Planners.

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The TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios Drill Down

This next step in digital offerings – the TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios – includes 163 model investment strategies that encompass 29 asset classes. It is designed for DIY investors who want to stay involved in their portfolio management and get personalized investment attention.

Personalized portfolios includes rebalancing and tax loss harvesting for all accounts. This isn’t a hugely unique feature, as most platforms rebalance and many offer tax-loss harvesting as well.

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The Personalized Portfolios comprehensive dashboard features:

  • Account aggregation
  • Integrated goal-tracking
  • Investment performance for both TD Ameritrade and non-TD Ameritrade accounts.
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TD Ameritrade Digital Portfolios Updates

TD Ameritrade is going all in to cover the entire digital investing sphere. Their quarterly Digital Advice Update report shows new features for their Essential and Selective Portfolios as well as Personalized Portfolio features.

Enjoy infographic below. It provides a clear break down of the distinct digital offerings for TD Ameritrade along with the latest features. The robo-advisory landscape is competitive and TD Ameritrade is fighting to offer something for every investor.

Td Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios infographic

Learn more about TD Ameritrade Personalized Portfolios on their website.

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