m1 Finance vs Personal Capital
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M1 Finance vs Personal Capital – Robo-Advisor Comparison Analysis

M1 Finance and Personal Capital: Head-to-Head Comparison Dig in and find out the similarities and differences between M1 Finance and Personal Capital. Learn which one’s best for you. In this technologically-driven, always moving world, few things are quite as important to us as flexibility, reliability, and customizability. We need our technology to work for us, and we should expect the same of our investments. Customizability is one of the biggest draws to a robo-advisor like M1 Finance. While Personal Capital offers certified financial planner access …

best robo-advisor performance 2019
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Best Robo-Advisor Performance 2019 – Plus

Robo-Advisor Performance As a multi-decade investor I know the pull of high investment returns. It’s wonderful to imagine that a fund’s 20% one-year returns will continue into the future. Many investors make that assumption and jump in to the funds with top returns. Robo-advisor performance records allow you to find out who those winners are! But, just because you can – choose a robo-advisor with the highest returns – doesn’t mean that you should. There’s no guarantee that the winning robo-advisor, investment manager or exchange …

top robo-advisor posts 2018
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Top 12 Robo-Advisor Posts from 2018 – Here’s What the Readers Liked Best

Last year exploded with robo-advisor news. With Hedgeable’s close to retail customers and Betterment’s a la carte financial planning packages, there’s abundant change in this fintech arena. M1 Finance is now FREE and loads of robo-advisors began offering socially responsible portfolios. Wealthsimple blew in to the US market with a splash, offering financial advisors, halal portfolios and more. We are dizzy here at Robo-Advisor Pros trying to keep up with the new robo-advisor websites, the changes at the existing sites, and covering the latest robo …

Betterment vs Schwab Intelligent Portfolios
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Betterment vs Schwab Intelligent Portfolios – Robo-Advisor Comparison

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios vs Betterment – How These Top Robo-Advisors Compare Which Robo-Advisor Is For You: Betterment or Schwab Intelligent Portfolios? There is no shortage of robo-advisor options available to the public now, which is great news for those looking to invest! The bad news is that sometimes the multiple options can be overwhelming. It’s easier, in theory, to visit a human financial planner and just have them tell you how to invest instead of choosing a robo-advisor all on your own… right? Not necessarily. …

5 Reasons I Would Use a Robo-Advisor
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Should I Use a Robo-Advisor? 5 Reasons I Would Use a Robo-Advisor Myself

Have You Been Thinking About Getting Investing Help From a Robo-Advisor? By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise   In today’s technologically-driven society, it should come as no surprise that robo-advisors are now “a thing.” After all, we like automating everything – why not our investing advice? If you’ve been thinking about whether you should use a robo-advisor, this article will help you answer the question, ‘Should I use a robo-advisor?’ Robo-advisors work by using algorithms to help clients make the best investing decisions, weighing the client’s tolerance …

Betterment Smart Saver

Betterment Smart Saver – Earn Higher Returns on Your Cash

Keep all of Your Money Earning With Betterment Smart Saver Betterment is one of the premier robo-advisors with over $16 billion of assets under management.  Known for it’s smart and affordable investment management, the new Betterment Smart Saver cash management option is another plus for this already excellent robo-advisor. Everyone who invests in the market wants a high return on their investments—but do we all expect high return on cash as well? You should! Betterment Smart Saver can increase returns on your short-term cash. “Not …

robo-advisor news january 2019
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January 2019 Robo-Advisor News

January Robo-Advisor News – More Choices for 2019 By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise While 2018 was an exciting time for robo-advisor news, the new year brings with it the chance to look forward at new opportunities. The fields of robo-advisors and investing are no exception to this! If your new year’s resolution is to grow your wealth or finally try taking advantage of all that robo-advisors have to offer, you’re in luck: 2019 promises to be even better in terms of robo-advisor options. Our robo-advisor news …

Qplum Review - IA powered robo-advisor
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Qplum Review 2019 – Robo-Advisor With Active Management

The robo-advisory investment management pool is deep, with passive investment management approaches in the majority. Yet, qplum takes a bold approach and strives to beat the market using artificial intelligence – AI – and hedge fund investing strategies. What Differentiates Qplum Robo-Advisor From Competitors? Qplum was founded by Mansi Singhal and her husband Guarav Chakravorty, two wall street veterans. Mansi worked as a trader and portfolio manager for big banks and hedge funds managing multi-million-dollar accounts. Guarav and his partners built one of the most …

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Personal Capital Retirement Planner – Great for Women

Best Retirement Planner for Women? Try Personal Capital By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise Personal Capital Retirement Planner – My Story Finance isn’t just a man’s domain any more. The Personal Capital Retirement Planner is perfect for a women’s specific circumstances. (Plus, the Personal Capital Retirement Planner also works great for men!) Although everyone needs to pay attention to retirement planning, women often have very specific financial needs due to the unique circumstances they can face in the working world. It’s common for women to be paid …

Swell Investing App Robo-Advisor Review
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Swell Investing App Review 2019 – for the Socially Conscious Investor

Robo-Advisor for the Socially Conscious Investor – Swell Investing App By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise Sometimes it can seem like building wealth is incompatible with ethical standards; all throughout media we are sold the message that the wealthy got where they are by taking advantage of people (Mr. Scrooge, anyone?). These unfair stereotypes may prevent some people from investing in stocks for fear of compromising their values. Yet the Swell Investing App makes socially conscious investing easy! Luckily, you don’t need to choose between building wealth …