Hedgeable closes its doors.
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Hedgeable Closes to Retail Investors – Active Robo Restructures

Robo-Advisor News – Hedgeable Closes to Retail Investors “Hedgeable is restructuring, and we have decided to discontinue our regulated investment management business effective August 9, 2018… On that date, all access to the existing Hedgeable investment management portal will cease to be operational.” ~Hedgeable website Launched in 2010, Hedgeable is one of the earliest robo-advisors. Unlike Betterment and Wealthfront early adopters, Hedgeable took a “hedge-fund” like approach to investing. In contrast with the passive, index fund ETF investing strategy, Hedgeable used alternative investments like precious …

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Bitcoin Robo-Advisors and Other Cryptocurrency Investment Options

Cryptocurrency: the money of the future, or a fad sure to bankrupt its many investors? By staff columnist, Alexandra Deluise Unfortunately, as with anything in the financial sector, we can only talk about the here-and-now. And right here, right now, cryptocurrency is pretty hot. Bitcoin, the most well-know cryptocurrency, in particular seems to be the latest great investment opportunity, coming in at a value of over $8,100.00 USD to every one bitcoin at the time of this writing. So, it’s about time for a bitcoin robo-advisor. …

Robo Advisers with downside risk protection - maybe. Robo advisors seek to save investments from market crashes
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Do Any Robo-Advisors Focus on Downside Risk Protection?

Robo-Advisors with Downside Risk Protection – Investment Management for Turbulent Markets The 2018 markets shook investors out of their complacency. The largest DOW point drop ever occurred on February 5th 2018 and tested the nine year bull market. Since then, volatility is rampant. Most traditional robo-advisors work like this. Investors select their risk tolerance, from conservative to aggressive, the robo creates an investment portfolio with low fee index funds and rebalances regularly. When markets tank, instead of selling, the platform buys more shares in investments …

Hedgeable Review - Hedge fund investing for the average guy or gal
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Hedgeable Review – Robo-Advisor Hedge Fund for Small Investors

Hedgeable Review – Invest Like the Big Money Players Hedgeable Expert Review Founded in 2009, Hedgeable is a robo-advisor, but one with a distinct twist. The name includes the word “hedge”, and that’s not an accident. Hedgeable is democratizing investing, by bringing investment hedge techniques to the average small investor. You get the benefit of this technique with an account balance as small as $1. “Hedging” means that Hedgeable includes the use of both alternative investments, like precious metals, currencies, and even Bitcoin, but also …