Ellevest Review-Get indepth analysis of pros + cons of robo advisor for women.
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Ellevest Review 2019 – Robo-Advisor for Women

Ellevest Expert Robo-Advisor Review Staff Columnist, Kevin Mercadante Ellevest – Invest Like a Woman. That’s the whole point of Ellevest. It’s a robo advisor investment platform designed specifically for women. We don’t want to get preach-y but, women, when you actually get into the investment markets, your returns trump those of men! So, do not delay and get started investing, NOW! It’s easy. Ellevest was cofounded by CEO, Sallie Krawcheck, and tech entrepreneur, Charlie Kroll. Sallie realized the investing industry has been “by men, for …

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7 Robo-Advisors With Human Touch – Digital Investment Advice + Live Advisors

There’s a Robo-Advisor With Human Touch for All Let’s face it, the idea of turning one’s finances over to a robo-advisor is nerve-wracking for some. In fact, you might be skeptical about hiring a totally automated investment manager and would prefer a robo-advisor with human advisor access. If you want a digital investment advisor with a human touch, you’re not alone. Hybrid robo-advisors are gaining in popularity. There’s no denying that robo-advisors are helping people make good investment choices as well as, if not better …

Robo-Adviser News - January 2018 - Ellevest Robo-Advisor for Women is Featured
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January 2018 – Robo-Advisor News – Ellevest Conquers Investing for Women

Robo-Advisor News – Women Investing Edition When Ellevest Robo-Advisor launched, I was excited. A digital investment platform, targeted at women investors. When I was researching the company, Sallie Krawcheck actually called me up. How cool is that – to receive a call from the company CEO? In the past, the robo-advisory management fee was higher than many competitors. That’s why, when Ellevest reduced the fee for their basic service to 0.25% of AUM, I was thrilled. Instantly, Ellevest became competitive with Betterment, Wealthfront, Sigfig and …