Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize winner, economist + robo-advisor influencer
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How Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Winner, Influenced Betterment

Behavioral finance, Richard Thaler and robo-investing help you make better investment decisions. ” As technology and design increasingly enables financial services firms to modify and influence their customers’ behavior, we should not only remember Thaler’s ideas and well-developed research; We should take his mantra to heart and follow his choice to use behavioral learning to make a positive impact on people’s lives.” ~Dan Egan, director of behavioral finance & investments at Betterment (as reported in MarketWatch) Markets are in a state of constant flux. One core mistake …

Free investment review + October 2017 robo-advisor fintech news
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October 2017 Robo-Advisor News + Betterment Has Free Offers

Betterment Launches Free Management Fee Promo + Free Investment Review Choosing the right investment manager is tough. Betterment is making it easier. Betterment continues to entice and innovate. Betterment Free Investment Review Betterment’s free investment review can help you assess your current investment approach. Here’s how the Betterment investment review can help you: Betterment asks you a series of questions related to your finances. Next, you receive  an analysis of your investments that covers four topic areas: investment accounts, tax savings, fees risk exposure This …

Robo-Advisor News September 2017. Updates about the future of robo's + financial advisors.
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September 2017 Robo-Advisor News – The Most Useful Fintech Updates

Robo-Advisor News – September 2017 The robo-advisor news waves are exploding with questions about the future of this fintech darling. Not far behind is the cry of human financial advisors wondering if they will be doomed. Find out what the CFA blog, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal are reporting about these questions. “What’s Next for Robo-Advisors?” by Lauren Foster – CFA Institute Blog “If you’re in the business of advising clients on how to invest, Randy Cass, CFA, has some advice for you: The future of …

Tax Smart Asset Location Investment Placement - Is Betterment's solution for you?
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Tax Smart Asset Location Investment Placement – Betterment Offers a Solution

How to Minimize Taxes With Asset Location Investors clamor for the highest returns possible within their risk comfort level. But what if there were another way to grow your returns, without added risk? That’s where investment asset location comes in. Asset location is considered a superb way to increase your overall investment returns without taking on additional risk. Asset location is a strategy to minimize your taxes on investment profits by putting investments with larger potential tax obligations in tax deferred accounts and those with smaller tax …

Betterment Retirement Goal
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Expert Betterment Review – Goal Based Investing + RetirementGuide + More

*Please read affiliate disclosure below. Betterment Review – Part 2 Betterment’s Newest Features – Socially Responsible Investing, Smart Beta Portfolios + Income Stream The unique RoboAdvisorPros reviews give you a deep view into what to expect if you invest, the costs, and a comprehensive look at the platforms’ advantages and disadvantages. Our comprehensive approach gives you all the information you need to make the right decision for you, without actually signing up. In this 2nd Betterment Review learn whether Betterment is the best place for your investing dollars. …